Food advertising opens up a world of ideas

Advertising food brands opens up a world of ideas. Chefs, food bloggers and gourmets know this too. As a food communication agency we have to know the markets to tackle, the distribution dynamics and types; this require a deep knowledge of food marketing and its many characteristics. From the field to the table, every product has a history and a life cycle, starting from a know-how linked to tradition, history, culture and to the ability to read our time with a contemporary tone.


In Italy the agricultural and food marketing world is something unique in its genre. In our country food communication is valuable when it sticks to the products values. It is the result of a refined and attentive work, blending know-how, passion and creativity.
Our reputation precedes us, in Europe and lately in USA and South America; we won’t disappoint our clients’ expectations, our food communication agency will meet your goals and will boost your brand on a global scale.


This is the reason why our food communication agency has strongly focused on food and beverage and wine advertising, in order to provide the best possible service, tailored made to clients and brands. It is not by mistake that our headquarter is located in Parma, in the heart of the italian food valley, the location where you’ll find the European Food Security Authority, the famous Parmesan Cheese and the worldwide known Parma Ham. It is not by mistake that large food and wine industries decided to work with us, such as Delverde, Barilla, Parmacotto and Zonin and many others.

marketing agroalimentare

However, food advertising is not simply limited to promoting consumers goods; as a food communication agency we are aware that there is an entire world of potentials for products to advertise in a consistent way: packaging, bottling and food processing. That’s the reason why large firms and worldwide leaders in their area of interest have decided to work with us, such as Gualapack Group and CFT.
This to say that our advertising strategies are flexible and able to adapt to client’s needs and different food and wine sectors. We are focused on brand and their products without loosing the producers’ values, adding emotions on top of quality.

Our goal is to give emotions, through images and words, to the aroma and taste of the products that the earth produces and the man transforms.

As a food communication agency we aim at creating a food experience to live on a daily base sticking to the values that the brand conveys within. A communication process that let consumers embrace the brand and its products.


The food and wine communication results then in a process, an articulate construction, partitioned and complex. A food communication agency has to know the distribution’s dynamics, channels, counsmers’ behaviour and in general: in a word, markets. The food chain has already shown to be a fundamental pillar to our country’s GDP, one of the reason why our food communication agency has developed specific skills and know-how to advertise on a global scale.