Mother Dough Pizza: The Italian way
to taste pizza in New York City

Which is the best Made in Italy recipe to please the palate of New Yorkers?

Pizza, of course! From here, the idea was thought up to serve the pizza in a unique, tasty and healthy way but, above all, made to serve a deep character through a pan cooked: this is indeed the perfect technique to enhance pizzas and all the other Italian speciality bread and pastry-based creations. This is the project that has been created by Elisa Rizzi from her store/lab based on Park Slope, in the heart of Brooklyn.


"Mother Dough Pizza is a unique initiative on the American market"

After a series of inspirational studies and works in both bread and pastry making with renowned Italian artisans Iginio Massari, Piergiorgio Giorilli and Giuliano Pediconi near Castalimenti, Elisa Rizzi founded Mother Dough in the spring of 2018. A 100% authentic Italian bakery which produces pizza with soft and light dough in the centre of the Big Apple.

From the wholemeal flour of Mulino Paolo Mariani and high-hydration ‘mother yeast’, to typical imported Italian toppings such as Parma ham, Grana Padano and De Cecco tomato passata, among many others, the foods found at the table of Mother Dough are made of quality, rich and balanced products. In contrast to the philosophy of abundance of American cuisine, Elisa Rizzi’s dishes represent the authenticity of Italian Kitchen, made by simple and selected products: a way to continue the path of food education and respect that are founding values of the Italian gastronomy celebrated all over the world.


Thanks to the international communication projects developed over the years for brands, JacLeRoi had the opportunity to participate in the first round of investment of Mother Dough Pizza, thus entering the capital of the holding. Mother Dough Pizza is a unique initiative on the American market, for both product innovation brought to consumers and for the entrepreneurial project that aims for growth with strategic store open across the USA.

MotherDough – Park Slope, 72 7th Avenue

Brooklyn, New York – 929.295.0012