Cambria, a new stand for Vinitaly 2018

Cambria appointed JacLeRoi to work on creative development of stand design at Vinitaly 2018


Cambria, a winery located in Furnari (Messina, Italy), is well known among wine lovers for its wine line made of Nocera grapes, appointed JacLeRoi, the advertising agency specializing in food & wine, to work on the development of the new stand at Vinitaly 2018.

The purpose of this project was to launch a new image campaign of the winery, during the biggest Italian wine event, by creating a link between the name “Cambria” and its most representative and noble grapevine Nocera.

dettaglio logo cambria

The concept was to communicate the close link between the brand and its grapevine through the story of the six most representative bottles of “Magnificenza” line that become the six main chapters of Cambria story.

desk accoglienza clienti in stand cambria vinitaly 2018
totem con bottiglie di cambria in stand vinitaly 2018

The keystones of the concept were 6 references of Nocera. Their starring role on the stand is expressed by 6 four-sided displays, which create an optical illusion according to the visitor’s position. On the back side of each display, it is possible to touch the soil and smell the fragrance of each wine, thanks to the sensory elements: an innovative way to involve visitors in the origins of Cambria wines.

selezione di sentori di vini cambria in stand vinitaly 2018
copertina nuova brochure vini cambria per stand vinitaly 2018

During the event in Verona, we organized PR-events and tasting dedicated to the Nocera line with sommeliers, experts, and journalists. In addition to the stand, JacLeRoi has taken care of the development and production the new Pay Off (“The Taste Which Makes History”) and new campaign poster, as well as the publication of new product catalogue and a coordinated image applied to various commercial tools (business cards, leaflets, albums, etc.).