Packaging design for the pre-cooked line by Cesare Fiorucci S.p.A

JacLeRoi has created the packaging design of the Fiorucci precooked range: cotechino and zampone


Cesare Fiorucci S.p.A. has entrusted JacLeRoi, the food advertising agency, to create the packaging design of the entire precooked line made of cotechino and zampone. The main goal is to develop a visual concept consistent with the corporate values of taste, tradition, and craftsmanship. Fiorucci’s pre-cooked line has as its mission to be distinctive and easily recognizable in the reference market.


The concept is based on the importance of the past, made of simple and rustic things. The ancient soul of the brand must however merge with the current one where the busy life and short times require easy, safe and fast gastronomic solutions. The vertical packaging is very distinctive and the main focus is on the great photographic impact. The protagonists of the pack are the two #foodporn shots of cotechino and zampone that immediately arouse the consumer’s appetite. The texts move in a sinuous way while cream / bistro colors create a play of overlaps that gives movement and makes the pack aesthetically appealing, confirming the family feeling with the other lines of the brand.


On the packaging side, there is a recipe that recalls elements of Italian regional cuisine in a more gourmet key to underline the great versatility of the product. It is no longer linked to the Christmas holidays only but is perfect all year round. The recipes are displayed in a simple and clear way with a photographic shot, because even the most rustic recipes should be enhanced and decorated with a gourmet touch.

The result is a line which is greedy and, at the same time, aware of the consumers’ needs, who increasingly want to find the bond between tradition and innovation, between ease of use and quality of the ingredients. The precooked line is the perfect link between the pork butchers of the past and the modernity that makes a delicious dish like cotechino or zampone within everyone’s reach.