Packaging design for cooked ham range by Cesare Fiorucci S.p.A

JacLeRoi has carried out the packaging restyling of Fiorucci’s range of cooked ham for refrigerated counters: Sopraffino, Norcino, Fiordicotto e Vellutato.


Cesare Fiorucci S.p.A sealed the partnership with JacLeRoi, the food advertising agency, entrusting it with the complete packaging restyling of the brand’s range of cooked hams.

The request was to give a new identity to the range to be more easily recognizable by both b2b and b2c clients. The various packaging, which previously were distinguished only by color, had to communicate in an innovative way, emphasizing the coherence and, at the same time, enhancing the features of each product.


Fiorucci’s goal is to cover the entire market segment with a wide choice suitable for all needs:

– High quality cooked ham: premium product with selected meats.

– Selected cooked ham: flavoured, for a curious and young consumer.

– Cooked ham: simplicity and taste with an excellent quality / price ratio.

The whole range has in common the high quality of raw materials, the attention to tradition and the short ingredients list.


Sopraffino, Norcino, Fiordicotto e Vellutato: these are the names of the references that, with the packaging restyling by JacLeRoi, manage to express their personalities and their product pluses, while remaining consistent with the brand. Each reference has a predominant color and the Fiorucci logo in the center, to facilitate reading. In the upper left corner, there is a “hanging” label with the product claim for each reference and, just below, the “free from” that characterize all the hams in the range. The background used for all references is a kraft paper, as a reminder of the butchers’ ancient “packings” to underline the products’ quality.

Each product is distinguished by the illustration designed ad hoc, to capture the consumer’s gaze during the choice at the refrigerated counters.

Sopraffino, the premium reference, has a graceful and elegant lettering. It is characterized by the illustration of ancient and decorated cutlery as a reference of its preciousness and, at the same time, a suggestion of use. This ham is so good that it can be enjoyed not only between two slices of bread, but also as a protagonist of a single dish. The ancient photo of the brand’s first butchery is a further evidence of premiumness.


Norcino‘s packaging, on the other hand, stands out for the presence of a bicycle with a wooden box. This design makes us jump into the past, when the ham was delivered by the old boys who managed to reach any hungry customer. The shade used – the burgundy – recalls the color of the earth and naturalness and, together with wood, suggests a good product in its authenticity. 

Fiordicotto, the brand’s third reference, plays on orange shades and its images are a direct reference on the consumption occasion: around the table. In fact, a table spread, and some kitchen items invite the consumer to try new recipes with Fiorucci ham and, at the same time, to taste it during a family dinner.


Vellutato has a packaging with light colors, an original choice to stand out from the shades usually present in the refrigerated counters. The illustrations tell, through a metaphor, the product pluses: the clouds that decorate it symbolize the softness of its slices which are “Velvety” by definition.

The result is a complete range suitable for every need and price with a coherent and strong brand identity and a distinction between products that manages to enhance the brand.