Digital PR for Cibus 2018: a special day with Parmacotto

A Digital PR activation signed by JacLeRoi with the participation of the most famous food, mom, fitness and lifestyle Italian influencers

“A special day with Parmacotto” is the name of a Digital PR activation managed by JacLeRoi, the food and wine advertising agency, for Parmacotto throughout Cibus 2018 in Parma.This was an opportunity to tell the brand story by its social channels and the involvement of 10 popular Italian influencers:

attività di digital pr parmacotto in museo con pici nic per influencer
pic nic social con influencer chiamate per attività di digital pr parmacotto

Alessia Bianchi
23 thousand followers on Instagram

Eleonora Rubaltelli
81,3 thousand followers on Instagram

Sonia Paladini
28,2 thousand followers on Instagram

Elisa Pellegrini
13,9 thousand followers on Instagram

Felicia Sangermano
14,2 thousand followers on Instagram

pic nic social in museo con influencer per attività di digital pr parmacotto

Federica Visconti
24,7 thousand followers on Instagram

Maria Morandi
9 thousand followers on Instagram

Germana Busca
68 thousand followers on Instagram

Francesca Marziali
22,1 thousand followers on Instagram

Silvia Censi
Food photographer

attività di digital pr parmacotto in museo con influencer per comunicazione sui social

The “Social guests” of the following Digital PR come from different categories: food, lifestyle, fitness, lactose and gluten free and mommies.
All categories represent the ethical pillars and the baseline target to which Parmacotto has always directed its communication.

The first stage of “a special day” was at the Parmacotto factory, where the Quality Control Manager guided the social celebrities to the different steps of the ham production.

calendario programma di attività di digital pr parmacotto
menù pranzo social in museo con influencer per attività di digital pr parmacotto

The second stage was at Ospedale Vecchio throughout the art show “Parma 360”, for a unique “picnic” surrounded by art. The menu (without lactose and gluten free) was set up by the Chef Cristian Broglia.

At the last stage, the 10 bloggers tested their smell and taste by taking part in the Sensorial Triathlon organized by Centro Assaggiatori di Brescia within the official stand of Parmacotto at Cibus 2018.

post di influencer partecipante all'attività di digital pr parmacotto

“A special day” ended with a special aperitif based on Parmacotto ham and some toast.

After the Digital Contest “Persone Normali un po’ Speciali“, also this Digital PR activity got a huge success, thanks to a social activation which was able to create engagement and interaction among followers.