The launch of a new wine brand: Villa delle Muse

JacLeRoi works together with Villa delle Muse for the creation and launch strategy of the brand, from sensory analysis to the creative concept.


JacLeRoi, the food and wine advertising agency, was appointed for the creation of a wine brand from scratch. The work was studied in every detail. The first step was to carry out an analysis on the reference sector (Lambrusco) to identify trends, opportunities and analyze the national and international market. With results in hand, JacLeRoi accompanied the client in every phase.


Once identified the market segment, the food and wine agency has created naming and logo: Villa delle Muse. An elegant and contemporary name that recalls the brand’s headquarters, an elegant liberty villa hidden in the Emilian countryside. The villa is also the pictogram of the logo, in order to emphasize the mood of the brand and the “noble” atmosphere it wants to suggest.


Since JacLeRoi’s team features wine experts and sommeliers, we have been appointed by the client to support them during the selection phases. Tasting sessions and sensory analysis have been done to choose the best producers and wineries for the Lambruschi line, the target audience and the type of B2B customer for each reference (from the “osteria” to the gourmet restaurant).

The Lambruschi line of Villa delle Muse consists of seven references, each of them has a naming and a specific character: Ororosso, Profondo, Deva, Amodo, Sirio, Ancestral Gold and Oronero. As wine marketing experts, JacLeRoi took care of the graphic concept and the label design of each product to create a line that is coherent with the brand identity but, at the same time, different in personality and target.


The official presentation of the Lambruschi line took place at the Villa for a gala soirée, with tastings and a purely “Made in Emilia” food pairing.

JacLeRoi has also managed social media communication with a pre-event teasing campaign and with an ad hoc editorial plan designed to present each reference emphasizing the character of the wine, its target and the emotions it arouses once tasted. The Villa delle Muse project is constantly evolving. It also features a line of white wines and a “food” section with preserves and pickles.
We are just getting started…