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The new catalog of Agritech starring bread format


Thanks to the use of the yeast and special selected flours, the new Agritech ciabattine breads are even more delicious, more digestible and with a great shelf life; moreover, they are without additives, which makes them perfect for those who love stay light without sacrificing taste. Ciabattine are characterised by a rustic homemade look, and by a soft and honeycomb like crumb. The making of these ciabattine is characterised by the high hydration of the dough and by its long stay in the tank, which together with the slow rising and the subsequent stone baking contribute to give them the flavor and fragrance typical of by-gone days bread.


For this reason, the new line Agritech products are already at home on the tables of all those who love to pamper themselves, thanks to their natural and irresistible goodness.
In the Agritech ciabattine catalog, the frame composition follows the photography’s rule of the thirds. In particular, the product collocated in the foreground, a texture or a particular ingredient, is focalized both as a whole and in detail, while the background is blurred by using very open diaphragms. The frame used is oriented horizontally, this to allow the food to breathe and not result crushed.


At the same time, very bright diaphragms have been used to obtain a very pronounced blurring effect, that helps the photo viewer to concentrate on the subject in focus, being the product or a detail of it. For the two facades was chosen the horizontal cut of the frame; in one of these is written the recipe and the characteristics of the product.
In the frame composition, on the left hand-side the focus is on the stuffed product, while on the right hand-side it is bare, this way leaving a partially ambient background where to overlap the text. The slate – typical Lavagna’s stone – enriches the setting, making it elegant and refined.


Semolina ciabattine bread, wheat ciabattine bread, cereals ciabattine bread and soft ciabattine bread are products of Agritech’s premium range, characterised by their being made with sourdough, stone baking, selected flours, slow rising, resting in the tank. The fillings used to enhance the appetite while enriching the bread, were thought by our food stylist to connect with the specific characteristics of the various ciabattine breads – buffalo mozzarella, anchovies, cherry tomatoes, pesto pistachios, grilled chicken breast, asparagus, boiled egg, sour cream, parsley, bacon, fresh figs, hazelnuts, balsamic vinegar sauce, thyme, tuna, black olives, bell pepper, tomato, Tropea onions, basil.


In particular, the use of fresh food, naturally rich in light and better reflective, perfect on each side, is the first rule for taking proper pictures of a filling. The wisely assembled ingredients combinations for both culinary and chromatic matching come out from the ciabattina breads to intensify the aspect connected to the goodness of this delicious finger food.