New packaging design for 100% veggie burgers by Riverfrut

Watercolor illustrations and an elegant and recognizable look for the Cottintavola line

After an invitation to tender called by Riverfrut, JacLeRoi, the food advertising agency, was appointed to develop the restyling of Cottintavola 100% veggie burgers, already available on all main refrigerated counters in Italy.

The need expressed by Riverfrut was to differentiate the product from its competitors, address the final consumer to choose Cottintavola burgers and stand out on the shelf with a contemporary, fresh and catchy image.


The packaging design of the entire line is of great visual impact. As in a painting, each burger is a real colorful explosion . The white background and the watercolor illustrations are delicate and modern. Moreover, they immediately give a sense of naturalness and freshness to the product.
The name of the reference beats on the products, clearly underlining the ingredients that compose each burger.


The FREE FROM list was placed on an oblique strip, so as to “break” the linearity of reading.

In the end, the semi-spherical window, besides showing the product inside, displays the main product feature on its frame, namely its nature 100% veggie.

The final result is a completely renewed product image, with a great visual impact and able to stand out on a refrigerated counter.