Website restyling and brochure design for Guala Dispensing

New concept for Institutional website alogn with a media kit for Gualadispensing, leader in the food technology industry.


Guala Dispensing SpA was founded in 1997 and is based in Alessandria, Italy. It grew so fast that nowadays the company established new production plants in China and Mexico. Guala Dispensing manufactures and supplies plastic trigger sprayers and pump dispensers and has become the worldwide leading supplier for the FMGC industry. Guala Dispensing serves covers different markets, from house cleaning to personal care, from FMGC to automotive.
As advertising agency specialized in food technology, we were appointed to design a new institutional website restyling along with a media kit for the sales force.


As a consolidated approach in JacLeRoi, we studied a new corporate image in line with Guala Dispensing’s values. As a consequence, the new communication tools we designed are more in line with Guala Dispensing’s market positioning, phylosophy and business style.
The restyling of has a core main objective: to focus on a new institutional positioning by leveraging on the R&D values underneath the products.


The “quality and sustainability” and “innovation” area stresses on the strengths of the company: a consumer-oriented attitude, the attention to innovation, a steady pace on research towards new technologies.
The “products” page shows the main features of each trigger and pump dispenser, produced by the company. At the end of each product page users may find a contact form.
Thanks to our experience in food technology, we also created a new sales kit to support the sales force.


With a modern and distinguishing layout, these brochures are intended to present the technical characteristics of the product in a clear and comprehensive manner. In order to maintain homogeneity with the brochure, the new website layout takes up the graphic linearity of the brochure.
The chromatic range plays on the contrast between the gray and orange, following the coordinated image of the brand. By using the parallax technique the look & feel is powerful. The website has been implemented in English only and it is optimized for the mobile version.