Social media strategy for Cantine Riunite&Civ

JacLeRoi, advertising agency specialised in the food and wine, runs the digital strategy of Cantine Riunite & Civ by managing the social networks of Cantine Maschio, Cantine Riunite, Ottocentonero and Vini Righi brands.

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Cantine Riunite & Civ is the second leading winery in Italy, with a business model based on a social basis of 1,800 winemakers. Leader in the Lambrusco and sparkling wine production, the company is also well-established in more than 80 countries, becoming the most exported Italian wine brand in the world. 4,300 hectares of land, an integrated production system, a certified production process and 128 million bottles sold per year: Cantine Riunite & Civ represents a very important company in the Italian and international wine scenario.

calice di prosecco di Cantine Riunite & CIV
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Currently, the wine company works with its following brands: Cantine Riunite, Civ & Civ, Cantine Maschio, Albinea Canali, Righi, Fratelli Cella, Gaetano Righi, Maschio dei Cavalieri, Bella Tavola, Quanto Basta, Mi Piaci.

The winery appointed JacLeRoi, the food and wine advertising agency, for the development of a digital strategy based on social media marketing.
The goal is the biulding of a strong digital presence by offering interesting content for a constant interaction with the users.

The brands involved in the following project are Cantine Maschio, Cantine Riunite, Ottocentonero e Vini Righi.

As a communication agency specialized in wine marketing, we divied the digital strategy in 2 phases: the social listening analysis and the creation of a marked social media strategy.

post social con bottiglia e calice di prosecco di cantine maschio
post social per promuovere l'abbinamento lambrusco gasprarossa di vini righi con panettone

The social listening analysis develops the digital strategy to provide an overview of the online presence of the brand and, at the same time, it helps to understand how to convey its message through online channels.
We conducted the web and social listening analysis for each brand to study accurately the brand’s online presence and its main competitors. We explored the brand reputation, including the assessment of consumer perceptions, the sentiment evolution, and the brand influence.

Based on the results of the social listening analysis as well as we made for Parmacotto, we have created an integrated social media strategy consistent with the values of all brands in order to engage a wider audience, increase the brand awareness and the buzz around each brand. The digital strategy has been forwarded through Facebook and Instagram. For each brand, we have developed a coherent editorial with the aim to build an effective communication capable of confirming and expanding the communities by creating a strong empathy with the brand.

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