Sommeliers say this too, wine should be just sipped rather than communicated

Wine communication is a complex world. Sommeliers say wine should be just sipped rather than communicated. A simple taste worth a thousands words, it is a leap into the earth, into the taste, in the emotions and history of the wine itself. Our creative brainstormings are shaped around the product, because wine communication means inspiring the palate without anticipating the emotions of tasting; wine communication means telling everything that tasting can’t unveil; sometimes wine communication means to remain in silence and let the wine speaks.


Wine advertising does not simply mean listing all wine qualities and characteristics. It means telling what the territory or a single vineyard are in relations to the wine, it means showing how the production in-vine and in-cellar impact on that wine.
These are the reasons why wine communication is a unique moment to us, where tradition and new ideas merge, old markets and new frontiers get closer.

Our wine communication strategies are made to our clients’ needs, moreover, they listen to the wine and its specs. Because you won’t drink twice from the same glass.


From the same vintage you get different wines and, in the end. there’s no bottle which is the same.
At the same time, a wine communication strategy can vary from wine to wine and sometimes from vintage to vintage, adapting to the product’s values in order to tell the consumer a whole history behind the production. In JacLeRoi we listen to producers’ histories, we dream with them trying to put into words and images their daily work made among vines and barrels.
Wine communication, in the end, means communicating wine’s terroir.


The art of wine communication goes beyond the product as it is. It transcends from the product in order to strike consumers’ senses and emotions, adding to the taste of wine the label’s history, exalting the characteristics that made that wine unique. Wine commmunication means storytelling in all sense, a product that belongs to the best italian making tradition and globally appreciated. Today, an excellent wine without a proper wine communication strategy, without letting your target audience knowing about it, is the same as producing a mediocre wine.