Marketing solutions for companies operating in the food technology sector

JacLeRoi plans and realizes strategic marketing solutions for companies operating in the food technology sector by using relevant tools. It is exactly from the construction of the brand that his work begins. The definition of its values, its placement, its competitive advantages in relation to competitor. From the logo restyling and the pay-off creation to all the materials through which the company communicates: company profile, brochure, powerpoint, stationary, etc. A strategic and counselling approach that sees creativity as a goal, not as a starting point.


Through a market analysis, JacLeRoi evaluates the best business solution, knowing that in B2B the product logics are always favoured. The communication alone does not create a need, but influences the final choice through an informative and rational convincing power. The B2B communication distinctive features influence the choice of means of communication efficient in the industry market: advertisement in the relevant press industry and online, public relations, direct marketing e newsletter become crucial. They are all proactive tools in the client relation.


In the relation with the client reactive tools, such as trade show and website, are simultaneously exploited. In order to plan and implement a targeted communication campaign, knowing the market, the competition context and the reference target is essential. It is only in this way that we can define the business and marketing goals to be pursued and reached. Once these aspects have been defined, the most effective media and communication tools for the industry context have to be selected.


The choice of the media depends on what one wishes to communicate and to whom, taking into account that the multichannel integration allows maximum coverage and campaign optimization. The so called marketing mix. To be innovative, to come first and exploit a certain channel potentialities, you need courage, but daring is not enough, you should know how to dare. In the end, it is important to evaluate the results: through the definition of efficiency standards it is possible to monitor the communication campaign on different media, evaluating the relevant performances.